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New York City Car Service - New Jersey

As a New York to New Jersey car service, we understand that sometimes you just need a ride home. We know how busy your schedule can be. And we want to help make sure you get there safely.
Our New York to New Jersey car service offers door-to-door transportation for all of your needs: from airport shuttle to airport drop-off, from business meetings to sporting events (and everything in between). Whether you’re staying in Manhattan or Newark, our team is ready to get you where you need to go with no hassles.
Our team of professional drivers is trained to keep the road safe while they drive—so that when you get into the car, all that matters is getting where you need to be. Plus, we provide top-notch customer service so you can feel comfortable knowing that everything will go smoothly on your trip.

We do more than just help you get from point A to point B

We’re not just a car service—we are a way of life. We take pride in being different from our competitors and being better than anyone else out there. We do things like offer free snacks or have a team of drivers who are ninjas that can get you anywhere in Manhattan.
We make sure that you are comfortable through your ride, whether it’s going from New York City to Newark, NJ, or vice versa.
Our car service offers perks like free Wi-Fi access in all vehicles, free water bottles in every vehicle, and even complimentary snacks and drinks for each passenger. These perks are great for passengers because they allow them to focus on their journey without worrying about things like finding a place to park or what to do if they’re late for work.

We'll take you anywhere in NJ you need to Go

If you’re looking for a car service to pick you up from New York City and drop you off at your destination in New Jersey, we’ve got you covered.
We offer car service from New York City to all of New Jersey, including Newark, Trenton, North Brunswick, Edison, Jersey City, and more.
With our car service, you’ll get picked up at the airport, or wherever your flight lands, and dropped off at your destination.

We know there are many factors to consider when choosing a car service provider—and we’re here to tell you that our services cater to all places in New York City and New Jersey. You can choose from our list of famous places—like Times Square, Central Park, and Rockefeller Center—to see just how easy it is for us to transport passengers from one location to another. And with us as your chauffeur in every city of NYC and NJ, we promise that every trip will be hassle-free from start to finish.

Luxury is more than just a word because it's the way we live our lives

When it comes to luxury cars, there’s no better way to experience luxury than with our luxury car service from New York City to Newark, NJ.
We know how important it is for you to feel like you’re in an environment of comfort and privacy—but also that you’re being taken care of by professionals who know what they’re doing.
That’s why we have a team of trained drivers who take pride in their work and treat every passenger like royalty. Our chauffeurs treat each trip as if it were their only one—they will not let a single passenger down.
Our fleet of luxury vehicles includes everything from Rolls Royces to Bentleys—we’ve got it all. You can choose from any model in our fleet or even create your personalized itinerary if you’d like.
But what sets us apart is our dedication to providing the best service possible: every trip comes with amenities such as Wi-Fi access, USB charging ports, limousine service, no hidden charges, and in-vehicle infotainment systems.

Fast and on-time car service is a huge benefit to Passengers

A lot of people think that being on time and fast is only important when you’re going somewhere with a lot of traffic. But when you’re traveling across an entire state, being on time can mean the difference between missing your appointment or getting there in time for it.
That’s why we make sure that your car service from NYC to NJ arrives in style and on time. That means no waiting around for someone who’s running late, or having to worry about getting somewhere early enough to make it in time for an appointment. We’ll take care of all of that so you can focus on what matters most: getting where you need to be.
We’ve implemented several strategies to ensure that we’re always able to deliver—and get back home—promptly without costing you any more than just getting in the car with us in the first place.

Our years of experience benefit the Customer

Our years of experience with NYC to NJ car service and our dedication to providing safe, reliable, and affordable transportation are what make us the go-to car service for those who need to get from NYC to NJ.
Our team is passionate about delivering the best customer service in New York City, and we know that when you choose us for your journey across the Hudson River, you’ll be getting exactly what you want: quality care at an affordable price.
We offer several services such as airport transfers, private chauffeur cars, and even limousines so that you can travel in style without having to worry about anything else except getting where you want to go safely and comfortably.

The way to a better vacation is to book our NYC to NJ Limo Service

We know that you’re busy, and that’s why we’ve made it easy for you to book our NYC to New Jersey car service.
You can reserve your ride in just one click, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll have your car waiting at our Manhattan location, ready to whisk you away from the city at a moment’s notice. No more fighting traffic.
We also offer complimentary Wi-Fi and power ports so that you can focus on getting where you need to go without having to worry about charging your phone or plugging in your laptop.
Our service has all the benefits of a private chauffeur (like no waiting around for someone else), but with none of the hassles of owning one yourself (like dealing with parking tickets).

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